Physeo is a comprehensive study resource for step exams. Lectures with integrated flow charts, tables, mnemonics, images, and questions are created to better understand the topics. If you are looking for a fun-filled learning experience Physeo is your stop.


Physeo has joined two things that are rarely found when it comes to studying for the medical exams, knowledge and entertainment. Its lectures are filled with clear and precise content, explanations, along with fun and well made mnemonics and images to ease the learning process.


252 on USMLE Step 1 despite weak basics from medical school, using PHYSEO as my PRIMARY resource (Yes, I left First Aid). The Hybrid learning style is unparalleled. Here's what hooked me: 1. The videos are visually pleasing. The slides are filled with images and they fully explain each point. I never felt like I was in a lecture with someone lazy-reading slides, roughly brushing over the facts. If they mention a fact, best believe they will go into the required detail to help you understand it. 2. The explanations are TOP NOTCH Pathoma style (especially Biochemistry). They make sure to hammer the explanations with annotations. Each pathway focuses on the highest yield details. 3. Questions during the lecture: I know some of us have procrastinated on doing questions till we don't really understand the concepts fully, but Physeo has included questions during lecture which not only grab your attention, if you have a short attention span (like me lol) but tie in the concepts very well. 4. Visual Mnemonics done RIGHT: I have used sketchy since the start of med school, I have even used Picmonic. Physeo's visual mnemonics have combined the best of both systems. Firstly, they have broken down the topics into conceptual ones and others that are memorization intensive. Concept heavy topics don't need memory devices. Only the memorization intensive ones have the mnemonics. The visual mnemonics all have a story. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. You need to connect one fact to the next. You can not just put random images and expect to memorize everything. every fact should link to the other in a cohesive storyline. I won't hesitate to say some mnemonics are way ahead of sketchy. 5. The textbook: The textbook are framed so that you should only focus on the lecture and rest assured everything shall be covered in the textbook. No missing facts, no extra annotating required. 6. ANKI: Physeo has hands down the most beautiful cards in the Step 1 circle. They include every bit of information from the video so you can complete the videos and hit the cards and you'd be done for the day. 7. The company: They are the nicest people who are genuinely in the market to make a difference and not to earn a fortune with their system. Extended my subscription during COVID so I could download the Anki decks. Talk about A1 customer support. 8. The podcast: Their podcast has been in my daily routine. It was pretty fun to listen to all those who have come before me and their techniques to nail the test. I honestly found other popular resources either too bland (like reading slides) or too low yield if they were as visual. Physeo was the perfect combination and I attribute my success on Step 1 to it.


Believe it or not, but I have tried all resources out there before starting my actual preparation for the step 1 exam, literally all the resources, but there was something about Physeo that always blew up my mind, they know what, when you're gonna look for something; They know you need this explanation here, a mnemonic for this terrible part of Biochem, and another mnemonic for those unknown awful Micro bugs. They know all your needs, so they're always a step ahead of you, providing everything you might think of ​in a comprehensive, easily digestible manner in their videos. For example; during my prep time, I used to encounter a lot of hard concepts, and every time I had to look up different resources like Medscape, Wikipedia, dedicated USMLE books, and video resources to knock these points down; as a med student; you know how painful that is. One time I kept looking for a certain concept explanation, but I couldn't get a satisfactory result, so I looked it up in Physeo, and that was it. It was exactly the way I wanted, that's when I started to fall in love with Physeo, which became my hard times' buddy that I always counted on, and their videos never let me down. It was just a perfect resource that never failed to satisfy me with their explanations, conceptual lectures, mnemonics, and everything else in a way that made me so grateful for this organization and very excited to do anything to help to make this project even greater, later I sent an email offering my help, and it was that email that changed my life forever, I came to know and work closely with these incredible people, and that made me even more grateful and eager to do more for this organization. For me, Physeo is not just a study resource, it's a way of life, and that's how I wanna live <3 This is my sincere lifetime testimonial for Physeo.


If you are a visual learner like me, then, take my word and leave everything else and just stick to Physeo. The way they explain Physiology using hand drawn diagrams makes sure that the concepts remain etched in your mind forever. Image mnemonics for Pharmacology and Microbiology are a great way to ensure that you remember the nitty gritty details of those bugs and drugs. If you hate anatomy, be sure to check out their anatomy videos. They have done a great work in simplifying anatomy using excellent illustrations. And the most fascinating thing about Physeo is that it does not just throw up facts to you. It goes a step ahead to explain to you the "why" of each topic which makes learning so much fun. All this comes from someone who scored in the high 250s in his Step 1. Physeo is the perfect combination of conceptual lectures and image mnemonics (not to forget their Anki decks) and I attribute my success on Step 1 to it. Good luck!


Physeo is one of the greatest medical resources and contains the best balance. For conceptual subjects like Physiology and Pathology, it has short, concise, and high-yield videos. For subjects heavy in memorization it contains image mnemonics which take away the hard work of memorizing and makes it fun and engaging. There are board-style questions in videos that help to not only test but also help me to apply concepts learned in the video. Step 2 videos are GOLD and with an excellent combination of image mnemonics and conceptual lectures, this is the most complete and comprehensive medical school resource. This resource should be your go-to for any medical school and Step Examination.